from the gutter to the globe…

Some of the best things in life emanate from modest beginnings. And that is certainly true of Kronstadt. 17 years after its birth, the Danish menswear brand is favoured by men across Europe and as far away as Japan, Russia, and Canada to name but a few.

Back in 1999, two bohemian Danes decided a funky clothing brand was missing from the fashion scene in Scandinavia and one hazy night, the brand Kronstadt was born. The name itself comes from the Russian town famous for its uprising against the Bolsheviks in 1920’s and even led to the birth of a punk band Kronstadt Uprising.

Kronstadt stands for change.

Kronstadt as we know it today, really began to be formed under the direction of Danish born Thomas Olesen, who took the brand from its meagre beginnings in the back streets of Copenhagen known as “pisserenden” (literally the pissing gutter) and made it an international success. At the start of the millennium, Kronstadt was known for its funky shirts with wide collars, broad cuffs and cool materials. The names of classic Kronstadt styles – Elvis and Priscilla – say it all!

But as fashions changed so did Kronstadt. Focussing more on closer fits, discrete detail, stylised collars – while all the time keeping quality at the centre of everything they do. Upon popular demand, cool shirt collections soon led to a branching out in a variety of categories including t-shirts, pants, jackets and knitwear. And as 2009 arrived, the Kronstadt shirt success exploded into the world of knitwear, where their cool, pure cotton styles found themselves in the wardrobes of men across Europe.

Today, the brand has grown from strength to strength. Sold across the globe both online and offline, worn by a long list of celebrities, greater, deeper collections …..and yet never failing to stay true to its origins of ……. cool designs, great qualities, good karma!

Kronstadt – a brand for change!

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